Adding Metal Framed Mirrors Bathroom

Posted on Exterior Design

Metal Framed Mirrors Bathroom – An easy way to add some interest and style to your bathroom is to frame the bathroom mirror. Wood is an excellent framing material available in many different shades. While framing your mirror may seem like a subtle improvement. You’re likely to be surprised at what this simple addition can make for the aesthetic appeal of your room. Framing a mirror can also cover up the blackened edge mirror that occurs with age.


Measure out the perimeter of your Metal Framed Mirrors Bathroom to determine how much wood casting to buy. Record your measurements. Determine the width of the mold. If the edges of your mirror are swollen from age, the list should be wide enough to completely cover them. Select a shade and grain of wood casting that will complement the interior of your bathroom. Darker colored forests will add a darker effect, while lighter and dear will make the room lighter and lighter.

Metal Framed Mirrors Bathroom measure and cut pieces of casting with an electric saw to fit around the sides of the mirror. Use a brush to paint or color casting, if desired, and allow drying for the time recommended by the manufacturer. Apply waterproof wood paint or clear polyurethane gloss to casting with a brush, and allow drying according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Sand the light easily with 200-grit sandpaper. Apply epoxy to the back of the first part of the casting, and align the outer edge of the profile with the outer edge of the mirror.