Basement Decorating Ideas for Cinder Block Walls

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Decorating ideas for cinder block walls are commonly associated with college dorms or gloomy institutions, but many homeowners also have block walls in the basement. Architects and designers use ash blocks because it is quite cheap and is a strong building material. If your basement has ash block walls, then use decorate ideas to brighten up the space and make it feel more inviting.

Mushroom painting is a college trick to hide boring ash block walls in dorms. All you need is color and dry fungi. If you prefer a more colorful look, choose several different colors of color for decorating ideas for cinder block walls. Deformation zones the fungus in the hand and dips it in color. Swallow the mushrooms on the walls; walk over each area at least once. Mix and match the different colors for a one of a kind look.

Turn an unused ash block the wall of the basement into an oversized board for the children. Most construction stores or paint shops sell the paint board paint for decorating ideas for cinder block walls. When you paint the walls and allow it to dry, the color works like a blackboard. All bumps or bursts of ash block walls add texture to the drawings. Keep colored chalk and blur in hand to draw on the board.