Basic Small Bedroom Design From Trina Clark

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Small Bedroom – It is very interesting to discuss how to design a room, especially a bedroom especially for a small bedroom. When we have small room to be made a badroom, the important thing is we have to know about meaning of bedroom. Bedroom is meant place to relax. After we have hard work of course we come to our bedroom to recoil. To  make it as a comportable place eventhough its a small room, the right way to design it is needed. There are some tips how to make our small bedroom comfortable.

To design a small bedroom we would not require filling it with unnecessary furniture. It  is suggested don’t make our space room crunched. We just need basic furniture  such as a nightstand, a dressser and bed.  Then use lighting properly. Lighting will be one of the major keys in creating scheme in the bedroom. Enough lighting makes the room looks bigger, vice verse the darker light only makes the room looks narrower. Don’t put many ornate lamp, it will make our bedroom overwhelm. We can hanging one or two our photograph on the wall, avoid to covering our dresser top with multiple frames.

Small Bedroom Design should pay attention to the wall color as well. As mentioned before that bedroom is a place to relax, colour scheme is the important thing that we need to be considered to make atmosphere of our badroom so relaxing. In this case, for our small bedroom is needed a color scheme that reflects the light most. When the maximum light reflected, our bedroom will be brighter and and consequently it looks larger and spacious.  We can choose color such as creams, greys and greens that make smaller spaces feel more open. Also painting the ceiling one shade lighter than the walls will further open up the room. Another option is to choose one wall and paint vertical stripes on it, using the ceiling shade of paint as the contrasting line shade. Vertical stripes will make the room seem taller and larger.