Bathroom Recessed Lighting In The House

Posted on Exterior Design

Bathroom recessed lighting – The bathroom is the space in the house that you use every day. You have private time while cleaning and refreshing yourself in the bathroom. In addition to decorating it to create a comfortable aura, you also have to make it clean and safe. There are a number of important things you need to consider to ensure safety in the bathroom, such as: removing electronic devices from the water, keeping the floor dry, adding grab bars, and using an anti-skid mat.

Yes, what is mentioned above is important. But, you also need to make sure your bathroom has good lighting. Sure, you don’t want to linger in a dark bathroom, right? It’s also certainly not safe for you to enter the bathroom by groping. In addition, bathroom recessed lighting can give dramatic effects to the bathroom so you can feel relaxed.

It is important that you install task lighting on the dresser or in the shower. But if your bathroom is narrow, you don’t need to install two task lights if one is enough to illuminate the entire space. TheĀ bathroom recessed lighting above the mirror will reflect the shadow onto your face. This makes light ineffective for decorating and shaving. Even hidden lighting is not a solution. Better you put it on the side. If the design and size of your dresser don’t fit, you can put the lamp in the mirror.