Bathroom Tub Faucets Design Ideas

Posted on Exterior Design

Bathroom tub faucets – Not only houses that have a variety of models, furniture also now displays various models. Like a bathtub or bathtub shaped like this hammock. The hammock is commonly used as a bed hanging in nature, used in the design of bathroom furniture. You can feel the sensation of bathing as if you are above the height of the mountains. This unique bathtub is the design of British designers Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington from Splinter Works. Since starting collaborating in 2009, Hartwell and Withington have indeed created various kinds of unique furniture. One of them is a stiletto-shaped table design.

Unlike other bathtubs that have steep angles and flat bottoms, these bathroom tub faucets are designed with curved sides. This form offers both comfort and luxury at the same time. Water flows into the tub through the floor tap. Dirty water then flows out through a channel that is installed under the tub.

This channel does not use pipes so that the tub looks hanging over the floor. Because water goes directly into the canal without a pipe, the designer recommends that this furniture is in a wet bathroom. These bathroom tub faucetsĀ use and carbon as the raw material for making. Carbon fiber is known to be stronger and longer lasting than ordinary materials. This material also allows the tub to remain rigid when fully filled.