Best Exterior Small House Design with Photos

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Exterior Small House Design – The exterior part in your home is very important you need to think carefully as the small house design which becomes the important part in it. The best exterior home design will create particular decorative look in your home. Even when you have small house, and it is not the problem if you can be creative selecting best design and treatment for the exterior part. Why we should select best design for exterior home? The only one important reason is that it is the overview which will display our home theme, style, value and prestige of everyone from the outdoor area, even without entering home. To help you, here are some simple ideas about it you should notice.

When you have problem deciding exterior small house design, what you need to consider well at first is selecting the paint. Alright, you have known and i have explained in my previous post that selecting the paint and some other feature for home should be based on theme and style applied. However, in general for small home, the color for exterior is usually neutral with slight accent. This consideration is aimed to eliminate focus of people, and see the home for its entire part. No matter what color type you apply, it should be based on the theme itself. For small home, in my view, bright color is more recommended for both interior and exterior.

Selecting color is important part of exterior small house design, and color combination is good and creative idea. You can color different part with different color option. Inside of selecting best color, you are also required to select other important feature for exterior including house numbers, gate, front porch, door, window and also lighting. Those are simple detail to think carefully, and carefully select each part of it in good consideration will lead you to the successful result. Think as well about its landscape, your front yard perhaps need special treatment with lawn or rock eventually, and to help you deciding it, you can see the photos here. We provide some best photos of exterior small house design.