Brass Bathroom Lighting Ideas By Ikea

Posted on Exterior Design

There are many manufacturers of special brass bathroom lighting furniture and for a few years, Ikea has also entered this industry. There is a lot to choose from in other words. New furniture often has both smart features and good storage. But if you want it more personal, it’s great to look for older, antique furniture. The contrast between old and new makes the bathroom’s interior more exciting.

Bathroom Lighting

Get the right brass bathroom lighting for your so you get good light for makeup and body care. Lamps on both sides of the mirror usually give a nice light. Bet on good general lighting in the ceiling, preferably with a dimmer so it can also be made cozy. It may also be good with some kind of spotlight, maybe you want to light up a shelf or some beautiful detail.

It is important to choose to light designed specifically for bathrooms. In the bath and shower rooms, you as a private individual do not make any electrical installations on your own. There is a law that electrical installations are made by a qualified electrician and that the lighting has the correct IP designation, the correct safety class. The IP designation shows how much moisture and moisture the product can withstand.