Bright Ideas Under Stair Storage Closet

Posted on Closet Storage

When I lived with my parents I did it in a two-story house, and I remember that under the stairs they decided to build a small under stair storage closet to store tools. I always thought it was a very good idea, considering the little space that today several houses have. The square meters under the staircase are usually “dead”, so I decided to look for some ideas so you can bring it to life and add a new place inside your house.

Under stair storage closet that are not in season, or for coats, bags or wallets of the guests. It’s up to you. Shelves for bottles, shelves for glasses and even a small refrigerator. You already have a bar at home. In the steep staircase is a perfect space under it, there will be this piece of furniture, at the entrance of the house, the decoration of this area has as starting point of the design, the rail of the staircase, metallic in very strong blue color.

The decorative accessories on the under stair storage closet furniture and the door frame reproduce the blue color of the railing. The staircase is a light folding, supported by iron rods of the upper floor, under it a table forms a table, elegant and modern design in contrast to the materials that surround it, the brick forming an arch in the wall and vaulted ceiling.