Building Elegant Bathroom Mirrors

Posted on Exterior Design

Elegant Bathroom Mirrors can be an asset for a limited space. Mirrors reflect light, create depths and make a room seem much bigger than it actually is. However, large mirrors with premade frames can be very expensive. You can make your own mirror frame that fits your home decor and save money at the same time. The procedure resembles trimming a window, and basically requires the same methods and materials to complete the project.


Measure the length and width of the mirror. This will determine the size of the trim needed to frame the mirror. Cut two sections of 3-inch wall trim to 6 inches wider than the width of the mirror. For example, if the Elegant Bathroom Mirrors measures 46 inches wide, you need two parts each 52 inches wide. Cut two sections of 3-inch wall trim to 6 inches longer than the height of the mirror. For example, if the mirror is 60 inches tall, you need two pieces of trim that measures 66 inches.

Place the four sections in trim horizontally on a flat surface. Measure for 3 inches from each end along the lower edge of the trim. Draw a line back from each 3-inch bottom mark to the top corner of each end. This will create a 45 degree angle for trim. Cut along 45 degree angle line to remove the section from each end of each trim section. This allows for trim to install seamlessly on the Elegant Bathroom Mirrors. Paint or bat trim to the desired color. Allow the trim to fully cure for up to two weeks before installing trim pieces.