Building Portable Storage Closet

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Portable Storage Closet – Many people have wardrobes with unused space. Having an organized wardrobe with plenty of space can keep your home cleaner and less messy. Adding extra storage to a wardrobe is as easy as putting in extra shelves or installing an extra bar. This cans double your storage.


Add Portable Storage Closet to insert more shelves. Determine how much space you have to work in your wardrobe using tape measure and write down how much horizontal. See if you add a shelf above your existing shelf would increase your closet storage. Some homes have high ceilings, and most closet shelves are a little more than five feet from the floor. If your roof top is 8 meters, you can easily add another shelf about 16 to 18 inches above your existing one to double the shelf space.

Buy wire Portable Storage Closet or wooden shelves at the local home improvement store, along with enough brackets to support shelves. If you store lightweight items like clothes, you need fewer brackets than if you plan to store heavy items like porcelain and silver. Using a ruler or tape measure, make marks on the wall with a pen or marker for placement of the upper screw or nail for the bracket. Screw the shelf brackets into the wall, and put the shelves inside them.