Choosing Bathroom Vanities Ikea

Posted on Exterior Design

Bathroom Vanities Ikea – Add an elegant rectangle, stainless steel chair and a thin steel framed rectangle mirror. Use a soft rounded black wood make-up with silver bar drawer handle for a big city feel. Add a round, silver-framed mirror and a soft rounded chair with black artificial leather pad. Add a plain, distorted black metal pallet and a simple, square metal framed mirror for a minimalist style.

Colorful Vanity Ideas

Create a Bathroom Vanities Ikea with a happy feel using a jade-green wooden table with three drawers down each side and an open area to sit in the middle. Cover the sides and back of the dressing table with white, jade and pink striped linen gathered in heavy folds. Add a square, white bench with skirts with the overall linen and a white wood-framed square mirror. Add rustic white wood or pink container ceramics keep basic beauty supplies.

Use a dark blue, two drawers dressing table topped with a sunflower tile mosaic to create a Tuscan style. Coupling Bathroom Vanities Ikea with a blue chair handles sunflower tile box and a mirror framed with blue edges sunflower tiles. Add some sunflowers decorated boxes, jars and other containers to keep basic beauty items.