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Closet gun storage – A special gun that is safe in a safe type, configured for long weapon storage. Its use is not limit to firearms and relate objects. Other valuables can be store safely along with your firearms. In the previous article I identified some very basic questions that you should ask for your weapon safe. In this article I want to give you some clues about what to look for in building a safe weapon that will help you choose a safe and affordable model. Remember this  You get what you pay. The statement is very true when it comes to taking a safe gun. Once you have determine your needs and budget. A little knowledge of safe construction will help you identify safely and affordably.

There are two main types of material use in the construction closet gun storage of weapons domes. First is the solid steel plate that is roll. Available in thicknesses of ¼ inches to 1 inch thick. Steel plates can provide a high level of security from invasion experiments. To get in through drilling and drilling is very difficult for safety make of hard steel plates. Thick steel, requires more time and effort to drill or cut. Safes are make of heavy steel plates. Weighing in at 700-1000 pounds as safe is not possible to be carry by a thief. Difficult for the owner to place and install and may need a reinforced floor. One side plate is easily broke with a cutting torch.

The safe will be heavy solid steel closet gun storage. It will feel heavy. Swing the back door and so on and you can feel the weight. A one inch thick composite door can only contain 25% of the steel. You find on a 3/8 inch solid steel door. That extra weight means extra security. Composites are make of thin steel sheets, coat as plywood, and possibly other materials. Low composite compost can consist of plaster, foam, plastic, or organic material sandwich between two layers of thin metal sheets. Very susceptible to electrical equipment. Low safety can be cut open with a round wood see carrying a thin carbide knife. Higher composite composites will spread more hardened steel pieces and possibly flame retardants.