Closet Organizer Wire Option Storage Base

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Closet Organizer Wire – If your closet or pantry is a bit messy, you can arrange the space on a budget by installing a wiring closet organizer system. The wire closet organizers consist of a wide range of shelves that can be used together to create the storage space you want. The shelves can be hang from a control bar or have their own supports. Depending on the system you have purchased.

For a look that can change out as your needs change, install tracking bars that allow you to move the shelves around after they have been install. Decide where you want your shelves to go. Use a pencil and a level to draw a straight line through the wall where you want to place the closet organizer wire. Drill a hole for the first wall anchor in the line near where the platform ends. Place the anchor provided with the shelf in the hole. Screw the anchor to the wall. Repeat the process with the second anchorage provided.

Hook the closet organizer wire rack into the anchors. Keep the shelf in its correct position. Secure the shelf supports using the supplied brackets. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for fixing with stirrups. Use a level to make sure that the platform is straight and lines up correctly. Drill a hole in the wall through the hole in the bottom of the bracket. Screw the bracket to the wall.