Closet Storage Racks Plan Ideas

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Closet storage racks are a great way to add a little extra storage space to your closet. They are easy to install, and can turn a Saturday afternoon into a new place to store your extra-plush bath towels. If you can handle a circular saw and perform simple measurements, you will have a new platform in no time. Measure the width and depth of your closet.

Closet storage racks, transfer those measurements on your medium density fiber sheet. Take your chalk line and adjust the cut lines on the fiber board. Cut the lines with a circular saw. This will give your shelf. Now, in the scrap fiber panel, again transfer the depth measurement and use it to cut two 1 1/2-inch ledger strips. Ledger strips are what the platform itself will sit on.

Make closet storage racks, measure your floor height that you would like the shelves to sit on. Subtract about 3/8 inches for the thickness of your shelf, and mark the wall. Find the studs in your closet. An electronic stud locator or a strong magnet can be used. The magnet will find the Sheetrock screws already in the uprights. The asparagus should be 16 inches apart, although this may vary in older homes. Mark the stiles.