Cool Bathroom Mirrors Decorating Ideas

Posted on Exterior Design

Cool Bathroom Mirrors do not do much to improve your bathroom furnishings. Fortunately, there are several ways to decorate a regular bathroom mirror that will not break the bank. It is not necessary to remove the mirror to add ornaments. You can decorate it while it hangs on the wall bathroom. Look for budget-friendly items at your local craft store to add color and pizazz to a regular mirror.


Select glass tiles in color combinations that best suit your style. Most boat shops offer bags of small square stained glass tiles in blends containing pastel or primary colors. Each tray is three-eight-eight-inch square. Find and highlight the midpoint of each edge of the Cool Bathroom Mirrors. Apply a point of clear waterproof adhesive on the back of a tray. Center the plate over the marked line on the lower edge of the mirror. Hot glue will work to fix the plates without using painters and risqué; s band. However, hot glue does not always fit well in a damp bathroom environment.

Glued a row of tiles from the center tile to each outer edge of the mirror. If the tiles do not fit perfectly, you can stitch out the tile with a tray of cutter to match. Glue a row of glass tiles along the top edge of the mirror, from the center and outwards. Glue plates along each side of the Cool Bathroom Mirrors from the bottom up. If necessary, choke the last tray in the row. The difference in size will be less obvious on top of the mirror. Make the stained glass tile border thicker by adding another row or two tiles in the first row. Remove all of the tape after the glue has dried.