Decor De Provence Custom Style

Posted on Decoration Ideas

The decor de provence style is fresh, spring and chic. Ideal for a beach house or for those of you who feel more romantic. It was designed in the southern part of France, in Provence, between the sea and the Alps. This style can be defined rustic and classic. And the most interesting thing is that it is easily reproducible even in our homes.

Just a little imagination, a few tricks and your house will be completely transformed. From the sideboards to the drawers, from the jugs to the chairs, the shapes of the decor de provence style are very classic and rustic: massive, but also simple and linear. But you can also find more rounded and rounded shapes, but the style is always antique and never modern.

The shades decor de provence that is preferred is natural ones. The typical colors of this style are ecru, ivory, lilac and white. You can use lacquered or painted furniture in light colors such as green or blue, but they are more than anything else. The colors are always clear, even if you can focus on those more vivid, as long as they are natural: like mimosa yellow or Prussian blue. So, the end.