Decorate Small Bathroom Lighting

Posted on Exterior Design

Small bathroom lighting – Today I want to tell you tips to light up a small bathroom. Because of its small size or because we do not spend much time in it, the bathroom sometimes falls into oblivion. Then I will tell you all the possibilities you have. When lighting a small bathroom we have to take into account the functional light (the one that allows seeing) as the ambient light (the one that creates an atmosphere). It is necessary to see and see ourselves well, but also to achieve a welcoming atmosphere.

Inside the small bathroom lighting place where we need more light is in the mirror area and the sink. If the light comes only from above, it has to be close to the mirror.

Use more than one light source in small bathroom lighting. No matter how small the bathroom, it is always advisable to have more than one light source, this softens the shadows and will make your image look better in front of the mirror. Warm light,
Many people think that the bathrooms are illuminated with cold light because it gives them the sensation of greater luminosity. But this is not necessarily so. Our house is a cozy place from the moment you enter it and each corner should support that idea.