Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets Tuscan Style

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Decorating above kitchen cabinets tuscan style – Kitchen cabinets often have a space above them between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling. The space can be attach with a soffit wall running flush with the front of the cabinet. From the ceiling to the cabinet, to hide pipes and wiring. If there are non-electric or plumbing items located above the kitchen cabinets. However, this space can be left as an open shelf. High ceilings offer a large canvas to decorate the high spaces above the kitchen cupboards.

Hang pictures, plates, medals or signs on the back wall of the high space. Place a few inches higher than the center of the space between the ceiling. And decorating above kitchen cabinets tuscan style. This will allow them to see each other and give them the appearance of being focus on how they look up.

Screen decorative items that coordinate with the color and style, from the highest elements towards the back wall of the space and moving forward with more elements of your kitchen. Create vignettes or evenly space the pieces across the decorating above kitchen cabinets tuscan style. Drape garland leafy silk vegetation on the top edge of the cabinet and just at the top edge, along the width of the space. This will unite all the pieces, giving the screen a finished look.