Decorative Awnings for Bedroom Design

Posted on Decoration Ideas

Decorative Awnings – Decorative awnings bring romance and fantasy to the most stoic of bedrooms. Turn your monotonous cabinet into a space attack for royalty with some supplies from a haberdashery and home improvement store. A relatively cheap company, this takes only a few minutes to assemble once you have all the materials. If fine compensation or gauze is used, morning light will be softer and a smoother annunciation will be allowed for a new day.

The first step for decorative awnings is loosen the embroidery rings and discard the inner ring. Take the top of the same curtain where it is looking to form a tube, and insert it into the embroidery ring. Do the same with the other curtain and turn the embroidery ring closed. Tie the ribbons around the embroidered ring on both sides where there is a gap between the curtains. Make a loop on the ribbons and secure the arch by sewing through the knot with the needle and thread.

Screw the hook flower pots on the ceiling onto the bed for great decorative awnings. It should be located on the top of the bed, in the middle. One hook should be facing the left side of the bed, the other to the right – unlike the top and bottom. Two hooks hanging from the hook grid pots, which should link through the top of the knots in the ribbon. Place each curtain on one side of the bed.