Decorative Bollard Covers Plastic Ideas

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Decorative bollard covers – Plastic bollard covers ensure perimeter security does not diminish the aesthetics of the place. Standard steel tube bollards offer minimal decorative appeal and require regular painting to protect from weathering and rust, especially in areas with regular exposure to moisture and high saline conditions. A range of colors and styles are available with dimensions to fit any diameter of the steel pipe. Then, choose between utilitarian or decorative designs to improve visibility. And then, match existing building and landscape decoration. Reflective strips are available to increase visibility in adverse weather conditions of low light and.

Plastic decorative bollard covers are made of durable polyethylene and do not fade or chip the regular exposure in outdoor environments. It covers resist physical marking and chemical wear of solvents and deicing salts. Easy to install plastic covers with compression foam strips to ensure they stay securely fastened.

The decorative bollard covers can be adjusted to fit heights beacons or individual surface gradients. Upon request, trust casting will trim plastic covers in the specified lengths. Security bollards work best when they are visually oriented, as well as providing highly visible physical protection. When drivers cannot see them, poorly visible steel poles can do more harm than good.