Decorative Chimney Shrouds Ideas

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Decorative chimney shrouds – Generally, the chimney pipe comes in double-wall galvanized sections that are three to four meters long. Diameters vary from 5 to 24 inches depending on the device. There are a variety of brackets, such as elbows, increasers, reducers and other objects. Some of the fittings may or may not be included as part of the installation fee. Make sure the tube you buy is UL-approved stainless steel grade “An” Insulated chimney pipe.

Installation Tips

Try to keep driving as straight as possible; under no circumstances may a bend be more than 30 degrees. Many decorative chimney shrouds systems require as much as you can install a 24-inch vertical run before an elbow. There are some devices that do not require a vertical run. When changes to directions are necessary, follow product specifications and limitations. There may also be manufacturer’s guidelines and / or building code regulations about the maximum length of vertical and horizontal runs. For example, some manufacturers limit vertical driving of the chimney to 30-35 feet. Others can allow vertical runs of 60 meters.

When connecting the sections in the decorative chimney shrouds tube, remember that class “An” insulated pipe is the only material you can pass through walls, ceilings and floors. Make sure the joints do not fall within a ceiling or floor. This is not just a security risk, but it is against building standards. Where the insulated pipe passes through the ceiling, you are usually required to install a roof support box between the rules. When you walk through the wall, a wall fingerboard collar is required. Pipe is installed in wardrobes, living spaces or where it can come into contact with people to be attached to an hour of fire-class material.