Decorative Concrete Curbing In Various Colors and Thicknesses

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To define the paths of the garden and the different areas. Usually the typical edges and the well-known enclosure of the plastic or metal bed are used. Decorative concrete curbing of the lawn and the garden also play a decorative role. Discover great examples and ideas design for gardens with grass and creative edges. Separating the garden beds with stone gardening slabs. It will give you a classic look that is particularly well suited to country gardens and cabins.

The decorative concrete curbing is available in various colors and thicknesses so you can easily use it to coordinate or contrast your plants. And also to include the stonework in the landscape. Irregularly shaped, the slabs are durable and stack securely in the yard. Mix and match rocks of different shapes and colors to create a natural garden edge. The large multicolored rocks complement the informal style of this landscape.

Placed in a winding pattern, the round stones bring a sweet aspect to the flow on and between the rocks, creating a lace and a scalloped appearance in this landscape flower bed. The garden edges of square granite pavers are combined with a hedge to shape this landscape. The undulating hydrangeas add white blooms, their large leaves contrasting with the textures and shapes of the decorative concrete curbing.