Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Inspiration

Posted on Decoration Ideas

Friends, today we are going to get our hands dirty and our clothes … Because we are going to be inspired by ideas decorative concrete resurfacing. The cement is perfect for making decorations in the garden. But it is also very nice in the interiors. It is very easy to work. And, if we leave the pieces out in the open. The surface will be smoothed over time and taking on an aged look. These decorative spheres are proof of this. And we can do them based on a super simple tutorial.

We are going to look for or create molds to make decorative concrete resurfacing forms and with them we will make pots, candelabras, decorations for the garden or decorations for the interior. See what creativity and art in these solid forms made with simple artisan techniques for decoration. With a mixture of mortar can be made several ways to decorate or create utilities for our house.

This is an original and personal way of decorative concrete resurfacing creating letters, pots, geometric shapes. Or what our imagination helps us to do. One of the simplest ideas to decorate with cement are the candlesticks or candle holders. They are very simple to make and carry so little material that we can do them in the kitchen, on the counter, without messing too much.