Decorative Flakes Epoxy Floors for Alternatives Cheaper Budget

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Epoxy floors can generally be defined as several epoxy layers placed on a floor area. Regardless of the type of epoxy resin used, provided that the total thickness of all layers is used is at least 2 mm. However, if the total thickness of the existing layers is less than 2 mm, it would be called epoxy flooring. With the proper preparation and care, epoxy floors can be renewed. But if desired, decorative flakes epoxy floors can be alternative option.

Apply the decorative flakes epoxy floors. Consumers have the choice of applying decorative flakes on top of the finish for an additional apple to epoxy flooring. If you choose to add these flakes, apply an industrial glaze coat to the top to embed flakes. Which in turn will make it easier to keep clean while adding an extra gloss to the floor. It is recommended to use top coat even if you decide to use decorative flakes epoxy floors.

A decorative flakes epoxy floors or chip flake short is a splinter colored paint. In the use of flakes in the interior, they are incorporated in large amounts into resin or epoxy. The materials used are generally water-borne and / or solvent-free. Which makes it an environmentally friendly product. Are you looking for an original and decorative, but also practical and affordable clothing wall, floor, ceiling or stairs? So flakes known as an interesting option.