Decorative Foundation Vents of Sanitary Floor

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Decorative Foundation Vents – By means of the correct ventilation of a sanitary floor, we will be able to eliminate the humidity. And the radon gas that accumulates under it. Furthermore, Radon gas is a radioactive gas generated by some rocks inside the earth’s crust. Which, transported by the layers of the ground, invades the homes through cracks and holes in basements and subsoils. In the atmosphere radon gas is diluted in the air, reaching low concentrations. However, in a closed space, such as a house. This can accumulate reaching high concentrations and increasing the risk of lung diseases. Adequate ventilation allows the radon gas to be expelled into the atmosphere. And with it the danger it poses to health.

Decorative foundation vents of a sanitary floor will also allow the humidity that accumulates under it to be eliminated. Prevent the moisture from being transmitted to the interior of the home by capillary action. An example that clearly shows the need to ventilate would be the difference. Moreover, between placing a freshly washed glass upside down on a smooth surface or on a surface that allows certain ventilation. In the first case by not allowing air to enter, the accumulations of moisture on the inside walls of the glass will remain for days. While with a minimum of decorative foundation vents the water will disappear in a short time.