Decorative Laminates History and Timeline in the US Market

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Decorative Laminates – Laminate Flooring has made the most significant changes to the flooring industry in the last 25 years. And continues to make remarkable changes and improvements are hard surface parts. In Europe, they have been enjoying its features and benefits for decades but not like laminate flooring as we know it today. Decorative laminates really originate and the beginning of what is now known as laminate flooring.

Decorative laminates is widely use on kitchen tables and furniture. When technology evolves in the top counter laminate industry. It is clear that with an infinite number of decors that can be made. It can also be made and used on the floor. The idea of a laminate floor was born. There are many technical challenges the first is how you can take laminate over simple counters and make flooring products. Flooring products will take more harassment by walking and wear coating has been made.

There is really nothing to stop the wave of technical improvements and ideas that follow. Led mainly by European countries, laminate flooring gained greater market share year by year, no fast-growing market such as North America. Massive marketing campaigns led by brands like Pergo are now synonymous with decorative laminates introducing laminate flooring to American Public in the early 1990s.