Decorative Oval Bathroom Mirrors

Posted on Exterior Design

Large, small, rectangular, oval bathroom mirrors are one of the main accessories in this special space. With a wooden frame, vintage or minimalist style, they add functionality and great aesthetic value. Usually, it is usual to see mirrors for the bathroom in the area of the kit, above the sink or complementing some walls, they are a great idea because it serves to amplify the space.

Decorative oval bathroom mirrors are a good alternative to style your bathroom. Small, large, with simple or exaggerated frames, is an essential element that can be a carrier of different looks. There are sober or formal, which perhaps take some work to highlight in the frame. There are also more informal, with a simple wooden frame, or other more extravagant that are real gems.

Some oval bathroom mirrors can add glamor and elegance. Those of style Luis XV is the option if what you look for is a sophisticated bath, with vintage notes. They highlight both the shape and the trim that the frame carries. Another way to place the mirror in the bathroom is in the booty. Perhaps it is the most habitual and functional way that can be seen in both large and small bathrooms. It adds an aesthetic value and its shape can vary according to the chosen style.