Decorative Street Lamps Ideas

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Decorative street lamps – Street lights help keep streets safe and to avoid accidents for drivers and pedestrians by marking the public roads and sidewalks of many communities. Old streetlamps use conventional bulbs while more modern lights use energy-efficient light-emitting diode (LED) technology. In both cases, street lights must be strong enough to withstand the elements while still providing light.

A common component to all types of decorative street lamps is the post, which rises from a base on the ground and supports the lighting element above. Street light poles contain electrical wiring that connects the lights directly to the power grid. Some messages also include a service door to access the control unit of a street light and make repairs or ground level adjustments.

Lighting messages have to be able to withstand ice, wind and rain. Resistance to metal corrosion or a protective coating of paint can help preserve the post against the elements, and metal is by far the most common material for its strength and stiffness. Some decorative street lamps poles, like those in a historic district, can be decorative, while others are gray simple axes. Also, LED streetlights include heat exchangers to regulate the temperature. These devices moderate the heat produced by an electrical current while the LED is turned on.