Decorative Street Light Poles

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Decorative street light poles – Road lighting has an important part in maintaining a healthy activity in the districts and is vital for reducing road traffic injuries and injuries; In addition, street lights are use for creative and promotional purposes. Street lights can produce other issues that seen as a stunning effect, accommodation reflexes, lighting pollution and maintenance problems. The ideal solution to illuminate the outside area should provide complete answers to all these aspects.

Outdoor areas such as playgrounds and roads require intense lighting. Decorative street light poles are meant to light a great open space for pedestrians and vehicles. When trying to determine optimum lighting form for street lighting or parking or other applications. Some factors that may affect the final result should be considered. The absorption of light, direction of light, lifespan, color, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, lighting levels and physical endurance are part of the checklist. Today, various types of incandescent and fluorescent lamps are the most widely use light sources worldwide. The main reason for that is the low cost and the human tendency to stay awake.

Incandescent light produces light by heating thin wire with electric current. The glass decorative street light poles contains inert gas. Which does not react with the filament and is resistant to oxidation. Filament shines when it reaches high temperatures. Since most radiations emitted into heat (about 90%) of the visible light. The effectiveness of bright light is very modest. Ranging from 10 to 15 Lumens per watt. This factor is very important when designing a street lighting system, where continuous replacement results in expensive and slow maintenance work.