Design of Oval Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Posted on Exterior Design

Oval Framed Bathroom Mirrors are perfect candidates for framing, even by a beginner. Because they are usually attached to the wall with glue, you do not have to worry about removing the mirror, finding a helper or handling the weight of a large piece of glass. Stock casting, there are home centers, come in a variety of styles. Using rosettes, which are decorative wooden windows, in the corners eliminates the need for more difficult angled incisions.


Measure at the top of the Oval Framed Bathroom Mirrors. Use a pen to mark a length of decorative casting with this measurement. Set the saw to zero and place the casting, decorative upwards on the saw platform against the back fence (edge). Target your brand with the center of the cutting edge of the saw. Activate the saw and lower the handle, cut the trim to the correct length.

Place the trim along the top edge of the Oval Framed Bathroom Mirrors and check the fit. It should be exactly as long as the mirror is wide, which does not extend beyond the corners. If it is too long, mark it for trimming and cut again with the saw blade. Cut the shaping pieces the exact length of the mirror edges leaves an opening at each corner where the rosette boxes will fit. Measure the bottom and side pieces using the same method, always making sure each piece is the same length as the mirror edge where it will be installed. Easily remove any uneven edges from cuts.