Design Organization Closet Storage System

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Closet storage system – A well organized closet helps control clutter, but also creates a system to retrieve items much easier. The design of a neat wardrobe for any room in the house requires careful thought and planning. It is important that you use every square inch of space effectively, in order to take time to write down all the elements that will be stored there. Each individual has different needs in the way of organizing a specific wardrobe, so imagine where the items are going ahead of time. This is crucial for purchasing the correct private storage accessories.

Measure the space available for the cabinet organization systems. Draw the bars to hang the clothes in the first place. Create closet storage system, shelves and hang the letters around the space for clothes. Draw a double hanging bar to maximize space from floor to ceiling. Plan to install a bar approximately 15 inches from the ceiling of the closet and the other rod approximately 48 inches from the floor of the closet. Sketch an upper shelf above the double pendant area to use the ceiling space for items that are rarely used.

Prepare a list of items to be stored on shelves in the closet. Items on the list, such as folded sweaters, scarves, ties, underwear, shoes and blankets. Write down the closet storage system used in various spaces, such as wire shelving systems or vertical hanging caddies for shoes. Draw the spaces in the cabinet that will be used for storage accessories. Include one or two dressers in the bottom of the closet too. Do not forget the valuable hanging space on the back of the closet door.