Design Small Bedroom Closet Storage

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Bedroom closet storage – The small rooms are cozy and easy to keep clean, but have a clear disadvantage when it comes to storage space. For small rooms, a bit of innovative thinking can solve the storage problem. Increasing the bed to a high bed and placing the closet or desk underneath is a serious space saver, but there are less dramatic ways to make the storage space available in a small bedroom.

Organize your clothing of the season to maximize storage space and get large items, such as winter coats, out of the way when not needed. Invest in some space saving bags so you can vacuum out excess air to reduce their size. Remove out of season items from your closets and chest of drawers: coats, scarves and heavy jerseys in the summer; swimwear, summer dresses and shorts for the winter. Fold them nicely and unpack them in storage bags. Store them on a high shelf bedroom closet storage or under a bed. When the seasons change, pack your bags and fill them up.

Even the smallest closet can take advantage of a couple of tweaks. If your closet has a hanging bar, consider installing more at varying heights. Short clothes, such as skirts or pants, only need to hang a foot or so from the floor and leave space for another bar over it for longer subjects. If you have a narrow bedroom closet storage wall, line it with top to bottom shelves for storing folded items or handbags. Add some hooks on the front of the shelves to hang scarves, belts or jewelry items.