Diy Laser Cut Panels Decorative

Posted on Decoration Ideas

To make laser cut panels decorative, starting with using the panels of the indicated sizes, create a graph to your liking, as if it were a puzzle. And making sure that the sizes and holes match to hook the panels together. Step two; adjust the holes for the hooks on each panel. Create copies of each panel and adjust the holes in your graphic program with guide lines. List the panels to know which one goes with which and make sure the hooks will match.

Step three, cutting process. For mahogany wood panels; Power: 100% – Speed: 0.9% – Frequency: 2500 Hz – Air blown: ON. While for acrylic panels; Power: 50% – Speed: 0.2% – Frequency: 20000 Hz – Air blown: ON. The last steps extend the panels on the floor to “assemble the puzzle.” Start with the panels above and connect them from top to bottom, after hanging the first ones from the ceiling. Attach one laser cut panels decorative to another with the “S” shaped hooks.

Once you have finished, enjoy your laser cut panels decorative creation. TIPS: Wipe the laser cut panels decorative with a damp cloth before hanging them. These to remove the smoke residue will help ensure that all holes are made. Also using pliers to manipulate the “S” hooks will facilitate the fastening of the panels. And if you insert the wooden panels with some matt acrylic, it will give a funny touch to the separator.