Durable Attached Patio Cover

Posted on Exterior Design

This attached patio cover, next to the terrace of the house, is simple in design, very modern. In this design the elements that make up the pergola are wooden squares. All of the same thickness and very close to each other. The vertical supports at 90 degrees of the horizontal elements are anchor to the floor and the horizontal ones, supported on them, are embedded in the wall of the boundary, forming an interesting space in this garden.

The wooden structure in this pergola has two columns that support the horizontal beam. And on it the belts, of round section, resemble natural trunks. The quality of the wood used in the attached patio cover is important. They must come from hardwood trees, which although more expensive. Their durability and success against climate and insects is worth it.

As this is the maintenance is less can also be a bit more difficult to work. But nothing is against a good job of carpentry with this type of wood with a good carpenter. For the garage of the house attached patio cover structure was built, its beams are directly embedded in the side walls of this space, the straps on them support a lightweight waterproofed roof. The design is in keeping with the style of the house.