Easy Decorative Epoxy Flooring

Posted on Decoration Ideas

Decorative epoxy flooring is the most economical pavements currently on the market. It is an easy-to-install material. And, in case of renovation, it is not necessary to remove the existing floor. Also it is durable, waterproof and resistant to abrasions. It is available in different finishes, textures and also designs. Resin or epoxy floors are self-leveling and have a seamless finish that prevents dirt and bacteria from accumulating. You can recognize them by their brilliant finish.

At first, this floor was only applied in commercial and industrial areas decorative epoxy flooring, but over time many interior designers and decoration experts realized the great possibilities that this flooring has in the home. It is a non-porous surface; a quality that makes it very well repels liquids, fats or food waste. It is an easy to clean and maintain soil. It only requires a daily cleaning with water and detergent.

Decorative epoxy flooring installation is very simple. You just have to apply the resin layer on the existing pavement and wait about eight hours for the coat to dry properly. It can be use both indoors and outdoors. Its high resistance and its impermeability make it an ideal floor for bathrooms and kitchens. Another of its advantages is that it does not slip, so you will have more security when it comes to getting out of the shower.