Good Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Posted on Decoration Ideas

Nowadays, decorative acoustic ceiling tiles are used for decoration in many areas. It has a good performance and low cost. For luxury and very rich interiors, of course, this type of finish is not used. But for nurseries, apartments and apartments, health centers, it is considered very appropriate. Next we reveal details of its properties, and method of application. Before you start gluing tiles on ceiling, it is important to prepare surface and glue.

We recommend removing loose pieces of paint, thoroughly cleaning surface of all types of dirt and grease, and applying a coat of primer decorative acoustic ceiling tiles. Then, if roof is in poor condition, you have to fill it and apply another coat of primer. This gives you a good grip and durability of material, also helps prevent appearance of mojo .You can use any brand of glue for this type of material, which you can find in your store of construction materials.

In second stage we apply glue on ceiling tiles. It is advisable to put it on diagonal – from all angles. To bond tiles properly, it is important to pay attention to lamp, that is, visual center of room. In case, which is in center, we start hitting from this point. If decorative acoustic ceiling tiles lamp is placed a little differently, it is best to apply material “row by row”. That is, we start from lamp towards edge of wall. Remains of roof tiles we cut and removed.