Good Idea Wall Niche Decor

Posted on Decoration Ideas

Wall niche decor – Easy to overlook, niches on the walls offer a great opportunity to add a touch of style to your home. While it may be tempting to place a vase of flowers inside and call it a day, with niches to showcase the art (along with your decorating talents) it’s an ideal way to give these often overlooked some features. Most niches on the walls are relatively small, which means they are cheaper to decorate. Because you need less material, you can consider treatments on the back wall of the niche that may otherwise be intimidated to deal with larger areas.

Good idea wall niche decor, dress that back part of the niche with a bold accent paint in a color that has been nervous about using an entire wall. Consider adding glass or metal mosaic tile for a modern and bright backdrop to your art and accessories.

A dramatically wallpaper with drawings is another great way to add impact for wall niche decor. Wallpapering a whole room, or on the wall for that matter, may be outside your comfort zone. The small size of most niches means a roll of paper is usually enough to cover the entire back wall. This eliminates the need to match the pattern where the pieces are located, making the project much more feasible for the average person.