Home Decorators Collection Lighting for Tray Ceiling

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Home decorators collection lighting – A roof of the tray is an architectural element that adds a variation in the height of the ceiling to add interest, spaciousness and a touch of luxury to a room. Ceilings of the tray can vary in design from the very subtle to the ornate and highly decorated. Tray ceilings can be painted a darker color to enhance the look or embellished with murals. And then you can create additional effects by adding crown molding and subtle lighting to your tray ceiling.

Home decorators collection lighting for tray ceiling with lighting rope. Rope lighting is often used behind crown molding to create subtle lighting effects for tray ceilings. Rope lighting is a flexible tube of small lights strung in a line that can be hidden behind crown molding to give a quiet glow that is ideal for improving tray ceilings. The lights come in a variety of colors also to improve the ambient color and provide an improvement of the mood.

Best home decorators collection lighting with miniature track lighting. Track lighting brings to mind the great lights used in the past to highlight works of art in a room. But today’s track lighting also comes in a miniature variety used to enhance the drama of a ceiling the tray. Such as wall paintings inside the tray. And imitation finish designs or other design features in the room. Miniature track lighting comes in low voltage to provide a soft lighting that enhances the ceiling effect of the tray.