Home Goods Bathroom Mirrors with Tile Ideas

Posted on Exterior Design

Home Goods Bathroom Mirrors – You can make decorative mirrors for your bathroom with tile, small glass of cabochons, seashells and craft glue. Injection using a mosaic pattern or making a simple block design, no injection required. Choose tile with colors that match your bathroom interior. You can store or alternate different large tiles with decorative objects such as seashells or rocks to make a unique design.

Mosaic Tile Border

Create a mosaic frame around the perimeter of your Home Goods Bathroom Mirrors with pieces of decorative tiles and ceramics. Break the tiles and ceramics by placing them in a sealed plastic bag, wrapping them in a towel and gently tapping them with a hammer. Glue each part individually to your mirror with strong craft paste like the E-6000. Work around the perimeter of your bathroom mirror with at least a 2-inch border that is straight or scalloped, depending on the size of your mirror. Injection between broken plates and then seals your design to protect it from moisture.

Block Tile borders

Make a clean lined border for your Home Goods Bathroom Mirrors with 4-inch square decorative tiles. Place tiles around the perimeter of your bathroom mirror edge to edge for a block design. Dry fits the plates so they are touching, and you will not need grouting. If the plates make a boundary slightly larger than the mirror, make sure there is a smooth fit all the way around the mirror. You can glue 2-inch tiles turning in the shape of a diamond to the center of your 4-inch tile square. You can easily find patterned tiles that are decorative enough to stand on your own legs without layering.