Homemade High End Bathroom Vanities

Posted on Exterior Design

High End Bathroom Vanities is an opportunity to put some “you” in the bathroom, and one of the best ways to do. Mosaic work is waterproof, level and strong, so it fits well with the practical needs of a vanity top. You can create any design that you like in mosaics. Most vanities have a plywood or similar substrate on top to attach the vanity top to, with the plumbing holes already cut out.


Draw dimensions High End Bathroom Vanities on cement backer board and points along the cut lines with knife to make the backer board the right size. Place the cut backer board in position on the vanity and track the position of the plumbing holes on the bottom of the backer board. Cut out the plumbing holes from the backer board with whole saw and drill. Spread waterproof membrane over the top of vanity, covering up the plumbing hole at this point. Place the backer aboard the top and fasten the place with galvanized screws around the circumference, each 8 inches.

Draw mosaic design on High End Bathroom Vanities. Choose tiles that are all the same thickness to create a smoothly finished surface. Dip the back of mosaic tiles into the tile glue and place them on top of the backer board as per the mosaic design. It should not be more than 1/8 inch between the plates. When all the mosaic tiles are put into place, allow to dry. Spread mosaic grouting in the gap between the plates using grouting float. Use grout scraper to scrape excessive grout from the mosaic, and then wait half an hour for grout to partially set.