How to Change Double Bathroom Vanities

Posted on Exterior Design

Double Bathroom Vanities – Smaller bathroom remodels are a great way to update the room and increase the value of your home. Start remodel by replacing bathroom vanity. Once you have chosen a new vanity and sink, just follow these steps to change your bathroom vanity.


Turn off the water supply to the Double Bathroom Vanities and disconnect power lines. Remove p-trap, which is the central part of the curved tube. Remove the worktop by loosening the edges with a knife or screwdriver. After the seal breaks, pull the bench away and remove it. You must also loosen any dense between vanity and the wall so vanity can be pulled away from the wall. Shake vanity and back to loosen it further. Do not move – you do not want to damage the wall by swinging too heavily.

Remove any screws that hold Double Bathroom Vanities in the wall. The vanity should be free from the wall now. Pull it off and remove it from the bathroom. Take the new vanity into the room. Place where you want it to be. Carefully measure and mark the area before actually attaching vanity to the wall. Use a level to make sure everything is still. Once you’ve seen the location is right, screw the vanity into the wall. Try to anchors the screws in the wall controls for extra stability. Use tight to attach the bench to vanity. Charge the P-tap and connect water supply lines. Turn the water back. Then apply a strip of sealing around all the edges of the legs.