How to Decorative Shower Drains

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Decorative Round Shower DrainsDecorative shower drains is often clogged with hair, dirt, soap scum and other items that flush down the plughole as you shower. When the shower drain is blocked, water drains slower, leaving dirty water in the shower for long periods of time.


This foam works through the decorative shower drains, breaking apart the blockage while cleaning the walls of the pipes. Allow the foam to work for about 15 minutes. Pour about 5 liters of boiling water into the decorative shower drains to flush the blocked residue down the main drain pipe. Use a flask if the boiling water is not emptied properly. Place the flask over the center of the sewage and steal heavily for 30 seconds or so. Run hot water in the drain to rinse out the residue and also to check any remaining blockage.

Push a pipe worm through the decorative shower drains if you cannot move the rest of the block. Buy snakes from home improvement centers, hardware stores and builders. They are designed to easily drive through sewers and break up clogged remains. When you feel the worm hit the blocker, the worm pushes back and forth a few times until you break it through. Rinse the drain with hot water to rinse the residue. Use a hair trap over the drain opening to catch hair and larger pieces of residue.