How to Install 30 Bathroom Vanities with Drawers

Posted on Exterior Design

30 Bathroom Vanities With Drawers – Installing a new vanity is not as complicated or time consuming as installing a new cabinet, and requires fewer measurements. You need to be comfortable connecting plumbing components and working with plumbing kittens. A person with plumbing project experience can install a new sink in less than 30 minutes, while others with little or no plumbing experience need an hour or less for the project.


Hang new 30 Bathroom Vanities with Drawers between two buckets. Press plumber kit in the groove on the side of the crane’s sill plate. Place the putty plate in position over the holes in the new sink. Slide the crane components through the holes already in the sink. Lie under the sink, be careful not to bump the buckets, and pull the washers and nuts on the bottom of each crane component. Apply a smooth layer of silicone to the edge of the opening in the vanity top. Lower the sink into the opening and wipe away the dirt that splashes out between the sink and vanity top.

Apply plumbing mortar to the lower lip of the 30 Bathroom Vanities with Drawers socket, and then push the drain assembly firmly into place in the hole in the bottom of the sink. Wrap plumber tape clockwise around drainage mounting threads. Slide the rubber baffle over the bottom of the sewer unit under the sink, and then tighten the large lock nut over the tray using a wrench. Apply a final article to the drain unit using pipe pliers, and then tie the other pipe connections together in the sink, tightening either by hand or with pipe pliers. Wrap plumber tape clockwise around the pipe stems and water supply valve threads.