How to Raise Affordable Bathroom Vanities

Posted on Exterior Design

Affordable Bathroom Vanities – How to raise a bathroom vanity. Commodities all come in a standard height that is a little shorter than that for the kitchen cabinet. For some, this height is too short and can actually cause discomfort from bent over to access it. Do you want your vanity to be higher? Read here how. Help is on its way.


Push Affordable Bathroom Vanities out of the floor with a pry bar. Be careful not to spoil the bathroom floor. Put a piece of wood or a thick towel to put the rib. Place the vanity aside on a surface that will not be scratched or damaged otherwise. Attach 2 inches to 4 inches or 2 inches with 6 inch blocking in the floor with screws in footprints of vanity. Be sure to take out the blockage only a bit so it will not protrude from the vanity when you replace it. Replace vanity and fasten it with screws.

Hide the blocking by either installing ceramic tiles on the front of the blocking that matches the floor or what is in your shower. For extra interest, you can install a fluorescent lamp behind the glass block. Consider replacing your Affordable Bathroom Vanities completely and using a kitchen cabinet instead. Kitchen cabinets are generally higher, and are available in a variety of styles. You would have to put a larger bench, as bathroom vanity counters usually extend longer than in kitchen ones. You would also need to add door fronts as well as doors.