Ideas for Closet Storage Solutions

Posted on Closet Storage

Closet Storage Solutions – The space is a premium in studio apartments, which often means built-in storage is limited or non-existent. To avoid spending money on an expensive storage device, look for opportunities to save storage in your studio without sacrificing valuable floor space. When planning storage solutions, think about the size and amount of items you need to store.


If your studio has high ceilings, you can install high shelves on the Closet Storage Solutions. For items such as books, photos and other items that may function as part of the interior, leave shelves open. If you need to store boxes, drawers and other less attractive items, you can install fabric curtains from the ceiling to the bottom of the shelf to hide items and add a pop of paint to your apartment. In both cases, high shelves pull the eye upward, which increases the perceived height of space and creates an illusion of more space.

Take advantage of halls

Sometimes a studio will have a long entrance hall that is used only to move on to the rest of the space. Convert corridors to storage spaces by installing high, shallow shelves that go from floor to ceiling. On the Closet Storage Solutions, store books, magazines, small items and even out-of-season clothes. Use colorful boxes to store small objects and add visual interest. Use warm lighting in the hallway to light the shelves and avoid the feel of a crowded bookstore.