Ideas for Decorative Garage Door Trim

Posted on Decoration Ideas

Decorative garage door trim is about the same process as putting a door, by putting the trim around the edges of the opening to dress and hide the spaces. The biggest difference is that the trim around the garage door must be much wider, or will it look in its place in such a great setting. Instead of using standard trim, you should use 1X6 boards that are pre-finished and painted. Gear cutting in the corners is the easiest way to install the boards.


Measure the width of the decorative garage door trim at the top, from one corner to the other corner. Transfer the measurement to your first trimmer on board, making two marks on the bottom, with the measured gap between them. Move the play so a field is under the blade and lined up with it. Turn the blade 45 degrees outside so that it points to the nearest end of the trim. Cut it. Move the play so the other brand is in front of the magazine. Turn the blade 45 degrees in the opposite direction so that it points backwards. Cut it.

Hold the decorative garage door trim along the upper edge of the garage door opening, so that the bottom of the wood lined up with the edge. The two oblique ends should rise up over the two corners. Measure for the first vertical side, from the inside of the corner to the ground, and drag 1/4 inch to keep the board touching the ground. Cut the ground end straight over, with the saw blade set to 90 degrees. Cut the upward end 45 degrees outwards as before.