Ideas to Paint Modular Closet Storage

Posted on Closet Storage

Most modular closet storage cube systems are made of wood veneer or laminate, making them somewhat difficult to paint because the surface is so slippery. It can be done, however, with great results. If you are tired of the color of your bucket storage system, give it new life with a little paint. Place the modular storage system on top of a piece of cloth on a flat surface. Remove the doors and drawers. Knobs and handles Unscrew and set aside.

Use medium grain sandpaper to create a rough texture on the surface of the furniture. A little bit of texture will allow the primer to adhere to the slippery surface. Use a mild cleaner to thoroughly clean the surface of the modular closet storage system. Completely remove dust and grease.

Roll of primer on the modular closet storage system using a soft foam roller. Foam rollers are great for furniture, especially laminate and strip furniture, because they apply a thin layer of paint or primer without brushstrokes. Use a paint brush for areas that can not be reached with the roller. Paint the modular storage system using the same technique used for the application of the primer. Multiple thin layers of paint will be more durable than a thick layer. Allow the paint to dry completely.