Installing Half Bathroom Vanities

Posted on Exterior Design

Half Bathroom Vanities before install you must select the area where vanity will be placed to ensure proper assembly in advance. Keep in mind the location of other inventory in the room, including air valves, which you draw where to install vanity. You need to anchor the vanity to wall rails, as they provide permanent anchors that will keep vanity from changing later.


Measure the height of Half Bathroom Vanities and then draw the outline of vanity on the wall where you want to install it. Measure the depth of vanity and mark measurement on the bathroom floor with masking tape. This will help you see if vanity will prevent anything else in the bathroom, such as roads or other sanitary ware, so that you can change the vanity’s position before installing it. Find the rules in the wall, using a control detector, inside vanity measurements you pulled on the wall. Mark pin points with a pencil above the top of the vanity line, so you can see them with vanity in place later.

Measure the distance from the edges of Half Bathroom Vanities measurements you pulled on the wall and drain pipes stub-out and water supply valves in the wall. Transfer these measurements to the back of vanity. Cut the access holes larger than the tap-out and delivery valves with a drill and whole saw. Push new vanity into place against the wall; contour the contours on the wall with vanity. Place a level of vanity, measurement from front to back and side to side. Run wood shims under some low-end parts of vanity until it measures the level.