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Teen Bedroom – As a cool teen, you should have the best bedrooms as the place where you sleep and rest conveniently after the hectic days you have in life. Spending more hours in the bedroom is the interesting to do, because there we will get the privacy, the freedom to do everything we want and we love, to rest comfortably on our bed, and to get relax and inspiration as well. Hence, the use and existence of bedroom in our life is very crucial. Alright, teen, how about decorating your bedroom yourself? I believe that you have your own idea and imagination to apply on your own bedroom, and it is the right time, why not?

Alright, let’s start by selecting the concept. I have discussed in other topic about decorating a home, and selecting concept which will include theme, style, and feeling of the room is the basic idea of it to fulfil. For your teen bedroom, how about having colorful bedroom style? You can have playful room color, it will be cool color combo between the wall and its furniture. A thematic room is another great option. Inside of play with the creative color, you also can apply creative theme. Perhaps you will love having Paris themed bedroom, or army bedroom, and even music or sporty bedroom that look special and trendy.

Teen bedroom with very cool atmosphere can be obtained as well by selecting the best furniture. Well, how about having very cool bunk bed? You can bring back the feeling of your child moment to cooler and modern bed with loft, and it can be used for storage and even desk, very versatile. Oh, do you like reading? Some unusual bookshelves will be awesome to hang on your teen bedroom wall, you can organize the book, and get beauty by the shelf. Think also for other simple things such as accessories. Accessories work well to bring accent to the room. You can make DIY wall art made of paper, fabric and even scrapbook. It will be nice because you can display your product on your own teen bedroom. Alright, it will be more inspiring not only by reading this simple article, but also by seeing our photos collection here. Good luck.