Latest Trend Decorative Metal Screens

Posted on Decoration Ideas

Decorative screen panels have their place in exterior and interior designs. We selected some of the most striking examples of decorative metal screens that are use to decorate residential buildings, family homes. And also serve as elegant space separators or privacy screens in the garden. Decorative metal screen panels, also called perforated metal sheets, provide incredible opportunities for application in architecture and design.

Decorative metal screens have different sizes and shapes. And add character and individuality unique to any home. Lately, laser-cut metal decorative panels are often use as an architectural element. We see them install in many public buildings. But they can also be use in family homes. Laser cutting is, by far, the best and most relevant method to give the facade of any building with a striking appearance, elegance and unique character.

These panels look light and fragile, but in reality they are very reliable and durable thanks to the strength and resistance of the metal. In addition to the decorative function, perforated metal panels they are a very effective way to protect buildings from climatic factors and provide ventilation. Good ventilation prevents condensation on the inner surface or walls. Decorative metal screens are made of galvanize steel, carbon steel or aluminum. And are resistant to corrosion and mold growth.